Download YouTube Videos In Python | Just 6 Line Code

Today we'll learn how to download YouTube videos in Python using pytube3 library. pytube3 library is used for downloading YouTube videos

What makes pytube3 Python library famous among developers ?

Support for Both Progressive & DASH Streams.
2. Support for downloading complete playlist.
3. Easily Register on_download_progress & on_download_complete callbacks.
4. Command-line interfaced Included.
5. Caption Track Support.
6. Outputs Caption Tracks to .srt format
7. Ability to Capture Thumbnail URL.
8. Extensively Documented Source Code.
9. No Third-Party Dependencies

Follow these simple steps :-

1. Let us first install pytube3 Python library :

2. After the library is installed let's import pytube library :

3. After that, You need copy the URL of the YouTube video :

4.  Load URL in function YouTube() :

5. Set Streams Resolution :

6. Fetch video title :

7. Download video :

As Promised Earlier Just 6 Line Code :-

Source Code Link : Google Co-Lab Notebook Link

I hope you liked it <3 !

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